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Laguna Verde museo de las momias Taj Majal Taglang La daba Carretera Austral Mandi curry Machu Picchu p1020582 Perito Moreno Bolivia Frontera Super Enduro on the Salar Bolivia altiplano kids Khardung La 3 Tool Kit P1080476 Barlacha La Iguacu SouthernBoliviaflood Palenque White Rim Trail p1030922 Floating Village p1030629 Hanuman Ruta 3 Termina p1030578 Canon del Pato2 Zacatecas Cathedral Pang O2 P1030305-1090518073-O p1030837 Srinagar market p1010968 Ta Prohm Khardung La mark cooper P1050320 p1060675 El Amatillo p1020534 Mooney Falls Pang maggie noodles Lago Atitlan from San Pedro p1030058 p1030661 Se on the Stahlratte p1020545 Little bridge big gorge Hemis Monestary Minas Gerais Brazil San Vicente Dog Rhotang La blizzard

Photo Roulette

Bolivia Frontera

Leaving the Altiplano

After months of climbing some of the highest peaks in the Americas and being in a permanent state of asphyxia I’m exiting southern Bolivia and descending some 8,000 feet to the Atacama desert in Chile. Bolivia/Chile Frontera


Ancient Mayan cities

a view of the Mayan city of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico. Fascinating place rich in Pre Colombian history. Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Se on the Stahlratte

Jumping the Darien Gap

Loading the SE onto the Stahlratte for our voyage through the San Blas Islands enroute to Colombia. Carti, Panama


Hanuman temple

one of many attractions in Karol Bagh is the Hanuman temple.

Pang maggie noodles

Maggie Noodles!

Our hosts prepare us a meal of maggie noodle casserole, a staple in the Himalayas. Pang, Ladakh, India


A stormy Torres del Paine

A fierce storm brewing behind the massif that resulted in yours truly getting pummeled by ice from all directions. The Torres is one of my favorite national parks in Latin America. Hiking the “W” Trail is worth the extra time.


Bienvenido a Colombia!

After one continuous party starting in Panama City, I’m finally on the road again.

Barlacha La

Baralacha La

After a delay at the checkpoint waiting for last night’s snow to be cleared we make our way over our first 5,000 meter pass. Baralacha La, Ladakh Region, India